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We Are Opening


Who We Are

Welcome to a space that lets you breathe. Where the zen feels easeful but powerful.

We craft experiences using the ancient traditions of yoga to empower a way of living beyond your yoga mat. There's no feeling more powerful than the one that comes from knowing that no one can live YOUR life better than you...and LIVING in that power.

Thanks to the talent of our gifted teachers The Zen Den offers an arrangement of classes that allows for a consistent that your yoga can be consistent in your life.


Wherever you are on your yoga journey, we strive to meet you with a practice no matter your abilities, body type or age. If you can breathe, we aim to offer a space where you can practice. 

This is the place your practice has been longing for. Welcome home.

with love,

The Zen Team

Who We Are NOT

We don't intend to dwell on the negative here. But we think in all fairness want a clear picture of the studio you're calling home. So here are a few things to keep in mind

We are not the average transactional yoga studio - we are a sanctuary for your spiritual journey 

We do not teach aerobics - We teach powerful and physically demanding classes but yoga philosophy is at the heart of these classes

We do not play loud music - We hope you enjoy gentle music in the background. The real music is in the power of the breath. And we think it's helpful to hear the teacher's melodic voice guiding your practice.

We do not discriminate - It's a sad thing to need to say but it's being said. All walks of life are appreciated. 

We do not tolerate harassment or hate - To our teachers, to you or the Zen Den community we 

with more love and a lot of gratitude,

The Zen Team

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