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 What's your Dharma? 

What's your why? What's the thing that gets you out of bed? What's the reason for being the grand sense and in the immediate sense. What are your gifts? What are the things that come natural to you? Leisure, discipline, nature, the things that light you up. The things that drive you. The motivation. There's your why.

Today your why may be your daughter or a comfortable retirement. Or maybe you're on auto pilot and you don't feel a purpose. Navigating this thing called life is complicated. No road or instructions to guide your when you feel lost, disoriented, off course or just disconnected.

Finding your why may be finding your way back to yourself.

Start small. Let it be small. Your why in this moment. Right now, it might be something like, "I'm here reading this writing on my dharma because I'm curious."

Your why is guide for living with intention. It's to keep you in alignment with the best version of yourself. The version of your truest sense of self. No ego. No shoulds. Your true nature. The version of you that 8 year old you looks up to and the 80 year old version of you believes in.

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